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Why Buy Research Chemicals From CrazyChemicalCartel

Welcome to – the premier place to buy research chemicals on the web. We are the number one retailer in the UK of chemicals for industrial and academic use. We have traded for many years in this industry and now we have branched out onto the web to make it easier for you to obtain the products that you need for your industrial and academic research needs.

We primarily supply to pharmaceutical and agricultural industries, to forensics labs and any other institutes that require our chemicals as part of day to day research, test and other applications. It is easy to source your research chemicals from and as we are aware that the results of research can sometimes depend on the quality of the materials used, you can be sure that we will supply you with high quality products at affordable prices and deliver them to you quickly.


Requirements & Legislation

We distribute all over the world and are fully aware that different countries have different packaging requirements and regulations regarding safe storage and transportation of chemicals. When you buy research chemicals from us, we will treat your product individually and pay attention to appropriate packaging for secure transportation. Safety is of paramount importance – you do not want your product creating a danger for your staff due to inappropriate packaging, nor do you want your substances contaminated during transport. We have built our professional reputation on trust and sensitivity to the products that we distribute.

We are based in the UK where the sale and possession of chemicals is strictly regulated. UK law also sets strict criteria on the legitimacy of the chemicals and their composition. We sell only those chemical products permitted under UK law so you can be confident of getting not only a high quality product, but of its legality too.

We are registered suppliers of Methiopropamine (MPA), 5-EAPB, AMT. Our quality control, as well as legislation, ensures that our products are of the highest quality (testing at 99% or higher purity). Our manufacturers are carefully vetted so when you purchase research chemicals from CrazyChemicalCartel, you can be confident in this continued high level of quality.


Why Choose Us?

Aside from our commitment to quality, a philosophy of carefully selecting our suppliers, and our reputation built on trust (as well as strict adherence to UK legislation) we are constantly looking to expand our range depending on your needs and that of the industries we supply. Your feedback is important to us that we may continue to deliver the same high-quality service and products that our customers have become used to.

Our customer base is global and therefore we are global in outlook, delivering quality products at affordable prices. We aim to deliver in a timely fashion and with secure and safe packaging, adhering to the different requirements and local legislation.

We offer a range of payment options for your convenience.


Only dedicated researchers may acquire there research chemicals from us; our products are NOT for human consumption